IsoSim software

IsoSim is a scientific software accompanying the paper "Impact of kinetic isotope effects in isotopic studies of metabolic systems. BMC Systems Biology, 9. DOI : 10.1186/s12918-015-0213-8". IsoSim can assist for the construction and analysis of stoichiometric, kinetic, and isotopic models of metabolic systems. IsoSim supports model construction(automatic construction of the equation system, optimization, parameter estimation from steady-state and dynamic data...) and model analysis (steady-state and dynamic simulations, metabolic control analysis...). The present version can also account for the presence of kinetic isotope effects on enzymes.

Examples and a short tutorial provided with the software.

The latest version (v0.1) is available here
Just unpack zip archive somewhere on your disk and open ReadMe.txt file of the newly created directory for more details on installation and usage