Welcome to MetaSys's software!

Here, we distribute some of the software developed at MetaSys team

Find the last developed soft at github : MetaSys-LISBP

influx_sisolves Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA) problem for Isotope Labeling Experiments (ILE) for stationary and instationary labeling.
interact (@github)supports the analysis and interpretation of 2D NMR titration experiments
IsoCor (@github)makes natural abondance correction in Mass Spectrometry (MS) data
IsoDesign helps to design 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis (13C-MFA) experiments.
IsoSim is a scientific software for the construction and analysis of stoichiometric, kinetic, and isotopic models of metabolic systems.
FindPath (@github)predicts and ranks possible pathways according to their metabolic efficiency in cellular context
labpropa concet-proof software accompanying the paper Theoretical Basis for Dynamic Label Propagation in Stationary Metabolic Networks under Step and Periodic Inputs by Serguei Sokol and Jean-Charles Portais

PhysioFit (@github)calculates (steady-state) exchange fluxes between cells and their environment from extracellular metabolite concentrations.