IsoCor is a scientific software designed for the purpose of isotope labeling experiments (ILE).

IsoCor correct raw MS data (isotopic clusters) for the contribution of all naturally abundant isotopes.

The output of IsoCor is the isotopologue distribution i.e. the relative fractions of molecular entities

differing only in the number of isotopic substitutions of the molecule. IsoCor also calculates the mean

enrichment i.e. the molecular content in the isotope in metabolites or their fragments.


Millard, P., Letisse, F., Sokol, S. and Portais, J.C. (2011). IsoCor: Correcting MS data in isotope labeling

experiments. (Submitted at Bioinformatics)


Download IsoCor (v1.0)

The original version of IsoCor software was developed in the MetaSys team in the LISBP, Toulouse, FRANCE.

Copyright 2011, INRA, France