Influx software

influx_si is a scientific software for estimation of metabolic fluxes and metabolite concentrations for stationary and instationary labeling. Scientific and technical aspects of flux calculation for stationary labeling are described in the following paper:
influx_s: increasing numerical stability and precision for metabolic flux analysis in isotope labeling experiments Serguei Sokol, Pierre Millard and Jean-Charles Portais
Bioinformatics 2012 Mar 1;28(5):687-93

Supplementary data for this paper are available here.

A paper on influx_i is yet to come.

Download. The latest version 4.4.3 released on July 4, 2017 is available here.
Change Log. The list of changes and bug fixes occurred in the last version can be found in the ChangeLog file.
Installation. Just unpack zip archive somewhere on your disk and point your browser to doc/html/index.html of the newly created directory for more details on installation and usage.
Doc online. It is available here.
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Previous versions (starting from 1.0) are available in the old/ directory.