Welcome to MetaSys's software!

Here, we distribute some of the software developed at MetaSys team

Find the last developed soft at github : MetaSys-LISBP

influx_sisolves Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA) problem for Isotope Labeling Experiments (ILE) for stationary and instationary labeling.
interact (@github)supports the analysis and interpretation of 2D NMR titration experiments
IsoCor (@github)makes natural abondance correction in Mass Spectrometry (MS) data
IsoDesign helps to design 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis (13C-MFA) experiments.
IsoSim is a scientific software for the construction and analysis of stoichiometric, kinetic, and isotopic models of metabolic systems.
FindPathpredicts and ranks possible pathways according to their metabolic efficiency in cellular context
labpropa concet-proof software accompanying the paper Theoretical Basis for Dynamic Label Propagation in Stationary Metabolic Networks under Step and Periodic Inputs by Serguei Sokol and Jean-Charles Portais

PhysioFit (@github)calculates (steady-state) exchange fluxes between cells and their environment from extracellular metabolite concentrations.